Christmas Comes to Chicago

It's the beginning of the holiday season in Chicago. Although we were there to see the art, out-of-town guests Abby and David and I viewed the "wreathing of the lions" at the Art Institute on Friday. Special museum hours were supposed to see the doors open at 10 am, but instead they detained us on the steps for a children's choir and maintenance guys hoisting greenery up on the statuary. I wondered if they would have had an audience for the ceremony if they hadn't deceived us with those holiday hours which were supposed to have us already in the doors a half hour earlier. But we participated, even counting down with the crowd to light the little pine trees flanking the entrance.
There were throngs of shoppers on Michigan Ave; the most crowded I've ever seen it. And there was the German Village crafts market on Daley Plaza, in the shadow of oddball Picasso sculpture. This was helpful too, as I finally figured out what Chicago's city hall looks like. Philadelphia's is hard to miss, with William Penn standing at the top and it's taking up an entire city block. (Chicago's is the stone building on the left in the photo. Good to know if and when I ever get called for jury duty.)
Tomorrow I'm planning on bringing Christmas to our apartment, at least in the form of some festive holiday lights around our outdoor deck. After rooting around the storage locker tonight, I realized that I must have tossed my Christmas lights in our move. Nevermind, it just permits a trip to Home Depot or Lowe's for a custom designed light installation. I'm debating whether lighted greenery garlands will add warmth and texture ...or tackiness to the deck. I'm usually a fan of the classic multi-colored lights. A good Charlie Brown vibe. Definitely none of those icicle lights, they're a little overdone. You should have seen the look on dear Jason's face when I mused aloud about taping up the icicle lights on the exposed heating duct work that runs the length of our living room ceiling.



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