Gobble Gobble

Here comes Thanksgiving. One of my favorite traditions of the holiday is admittedly the annual Presidential Pardon of the turkey. (A favorite West Wing episode also.) Although I'm not cooking the bird, I have been assigned the mashed potatoes and salad for tomorrow's feast. Jason and I had a little potato peeling date tonight where about 10 pounds of Yukon Gold were denuded. All right, there's a potentially cheeky remark there about our clothing status after this "date" which I will politely decline to make. (We remained fully clothed.)
And since wine buffs David and Abby will be coming into town, we're also in charge of the beverages. To others who may be interested, and since it is Wine Blogging Wednesday, here is David's advice for holiday wine: David laments that Thanksgiving is full of wine unfriendly flavors so he recommends a dry to off dry German Riesling or Cru Beaujolais (specifically Fleurie & Julienas... and I can't really tell you what that means.) For "Thanksgiving is an America holiday and requires American wine" purists, David humbly suggests an Anderson Valley (CA) or Oregon Pinot Noir, under 14% alc. Others may advise Roussanne or Viognier for whites and Zinfandel or Syrah for reds. At all costs, David warns that this is not really a Chardonnay or Cabernet meal. For the leftovers, this guy has further wine recs.

p.s. I can't help but giggle at this photo, below, of a previous Presidential pardon. Dick Cheney is poorly hiding his smug desire to fire some bird shot on that poor turkey.



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