Hit Me Baby One More Time

It's a baby weekend. Today there was a baby shower to attend, which I mistakenly kept on calling a bridal shower. Freudian persistency, revealing a denial that my friends are moving into Phase II of their lives. Especially since I'm not up to Phase I: Wedding yet. I'm not used to being behind the class! >:(
Going to Babies R'Us for the gifts was crazy, so many things to buy for a new baby: a million different kinds of cups, bottles, breast feeding pumps, pads, blanket-like-things and to do. So many moms and grandmom's swarming around, chasing errant children through the aisles and parking lot. It was ironic to hear from the other moms at the party how many things might never be used or needed, like the little snuggly baby hoodie bathrobe. Cute, but useless I suppose.
Thankfully the shower games were light. There had been a threat of having to eat mysterious foods (resembling you-know-what) out of diapers and guessing what the food was. Ick. One surprisingly challenging game was the jotting down the most songs with "baby" in the title. Very hard when the first song in your head is "Hit Me Baby One More Time" and then no other songs can conquer its ubiquitous tune. Half of the room started with "Hit Me..." and the other half found that "Baby's Got Back" was the first song in their head. Try this yourself, it's not as easy as it seems.
Tomorrow I will be babysitting twin 6-month olds, thankfully with a second set of hands. Apparently an even adult-to-child ratio is advantageous.



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