A Hearty Tarpaulin of a Man

Once in awhile the evil forces evade my Yahoo! spam filter and a misguided promotional, doubtless virus-laden, e-mail ends up in my in-box, masquerading as a legitimate message. I usually rely on Yahoo! to sort through the junk mail (and wish I had a similar servant at home!) so I rarely actually read the nonsense that goes into these messages. However, I inadvertantly discovered (by a slight mis-click) that instead of being entirely perverse, pornographic or explicit content that I expected, select spam seems to have evolved into a poetry unto itself:
stand looking dumbly at the device while I quietly died of thirst or
to work in an office anymore.
This went on until you couldnt see the trees for the mountains of
And with a million credits in the bank you can buy lawyers, live the Great. How do we get to meet Heimskur?

This pitch is supposed to entice you to buy Viagra. Really, very poetic and profound. No? Get Viagra, plus free sweet nothings to whisper in your lover's ear.

In addition, this message, with subject line "To Nightmare":
Since you are so particular, says I, I will amend my question, and in the part, and we had not got to the second merchants before she was moon nor stars to guide us; only the whiteness of the way in the midst Lesmahago, I believe, a very hearty, friendly tarpaulin of a man...

Had I taken a few more English classes in college maybe I'd recognize some of the prose as lifted from other places. Others have recognized this as art unto itself: The Spam Poetry Institute.
All good art may at some time face censorship by those who just don't understand. Your tax dollars are hard at work on the FTC website offering tips via underwater cartoon characters and cheesy (or, fishy) jokes warning us about phishing. Ironically, the site offers the option for you to spam your friends with an anti-phishing e-card from the FTC.



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