Home Stretch

You may have heard in the news that there was some craziness in downtown Chicago lately. Namely, a gunman who went after a patent lawyer who he thought had stolen his idea for a truck toilet. The patent lawyers must have felt that they'd gone into the safest facet of law practice, not criminal defense or prosecution; just shuffling paperwork through the government patent office. Sadly, not.
The personal impact of this event was that the office building where the shooting took place also happens to be terminus for many of the suburban rail lines, including the one that takes me home from work. All the trains were halted immediately, and for about 2 hours. Although my offices are located in "North Chicago" they're really nowhere near Chicago proper. I was seriously stranded.
But my commuting colleagues and I rallied, quickly flipped open cell phones to comparison shop the cost of two different taxi companies and one limousine service to arrange alternate transport home. Ultimately it felt like we were all going to prom together, not just trying to get home on a Friday night, as it was the limousine service that gave us the best price home. A stretch limo no less.
In looking for some photo to make this post more visually interesting, I couldn't happen but reflect on how many different cars they turn into limos: hummers, SUVs, and even the little Mini Cooper. Seems like the Mini is supposed to be the philosophical antithesis of a limo. (No such fun for us though: we made it home in a staid, traditional towncar.) To any bystander it might have look those darn wasteful pharma executives, taking limousines home from work, geez.



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