My Popular Education

Definitive proof that my family was not normal: This is the first year I'm watching A Christmas Story. Sure, it's one of those movies that is so strong in the undercurrent of popular Christmas culture that there are catchphrases I already knew ("you're gonna shoot your eye out!") and never once was I discouraged from putting my tongue on a cold pole without an allusion to A Christmas Story.
This Christmas Jason turned the channel to TBS, leaving me with my Christmas Eve homework: watch. With the movie on a 24 hour loop I don't feel guilty about wandering away from the TV to surf the net, or clean the kitchen. (Which I've cleaned and then sullied by cooking about twice already today.)
I did have to ask Jason towards the beginning, "So does anything happen in this movie? Is it going to be sad? A holiday tear-jerker?" Nope, just literally a story about Christmas, nothing tragic. Unless you count the shattering of that ugly lamp.
In a funny coincidence, the movie we watched last night, The Breakup, featured now adult Ralphie, in a minor supporting role. Seeing him in a role where he has kids of his own is surely a sign that I am woefully behind in my popular education. I think we must have spent too much time folding origami for our Japanese Christmas tree.


Rick said...

Claire, I don't know what we did as kids during Christmas (it wasn't origami, though), but I've never seen this movie, either! Everyone thinks I was deprived or something. I was determined to finally watch it this year, but fell asleep during the 10:00 showing. Maybe my tradition with this will be how I intend to watch it every year, but never do!

Merry Christmas, you guys-

Jean Therapy said...

I never saw this movie either. But I'm very well educated in the ways of the Grinch that stole Christmas...hmm perhaps this is part of my problem.

Merry X-mas!!!


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