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Wonderful Day 5 of Holiday Vacation. So glorious that, in fact, I had to consider what day of the week it was. I was momentarily horrified when my computer calendar incorrectly said it was Thursday! I was then truly dismayed to see that my first day back to work has made it onto the 7-Day Weather Forecast on the evening news. ("A weekend in every forecast!") That's at least one reason to prefer the 5-Day Forecast.
Despite this being my vacation, there are a few work-related tasks that I assigned myself during the break, like doing my year-end review and spending time thinking about a presentation filled with clinical data and such. My task is to provide the summarizing slides. My history major, summarizing scientific relevancy for physicians. Yahoo!
But there's a much longer list of tasks that have been accomplished in procrastination of the real work: planning curtains for the guest room, reorganizing the closet (both of them), finishing reading my book, hunting around for the best post-Christmas sale on kitchen knives. In my mind, knives are devastatingly expensive. However, when it's your little fingers at stake, it seems that a blunt instrument might be dangerous. So there are new knives in our home. (60% off too!) I also researched a Pottery Barn coffee table, comparing prices of floor samples versus web sale. Jason has remarked that he likes my having free time, since our dinners have leapt forward in their taste. And just the mere consistency of their being a dinner planned each night is impressing me too.



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