When Will I Find the Time?

I browsed the aisles of Barnes & Noble last night, Christmas gift card from Aunt Marion & Glenn tucked in my hand (secretly glad that they'd switched off of the annual summer sausage and cheese gift box) eyeing the spines of each book for an interesting title. Mom once worked in a used bookstore in Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, a dusty and cavernous shop, and met someone who was killing time before their next train. I don't know how the conversation arose, although I imagine it might have been while mom was punching up their total on the calculator at checkout and spied a distinctly oddball collection of unrelated titles. It turned out that this shopper merely bought books for their amusing titles. A game, for their friends to notice during parties and dinners. I wonder if this is why I have an inherited book, "How to Tell Your Friends From the Apes" on my bookshelf today.
I haven't read it, but that brings me back to my dilemma: the backlog of books that I am dying to read, but haven't found the time. And last night I added Marie Antoinette by Antonia Fraser and Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd to the pile.
Sadly, I am still working my way through the first of the pile of books that Juliet bought me for my September birthday, Sophie's Choice. (Juliet's gift giving theme was housecleaning my amazon wishlist.) My author, William Styron died just as I started reading the book, but I had to block out reading the obituaries, just in case there might be some surprise ending that I'm approaching page by turning page.
Despite the growing pile, I want more books. And I optimistically stack them up on my bedside table, feeling that I will get to each and every one of them, in just a little bit. Which one next? And how shall I welcome the new volumes that I hope Santa Claus may bring?
Evelyn, not coincidentally both a bookworm and my mother's best friend, read (and once valiantly tried) a home organization tip to put stickers on the spine of each book you have waiting to be read. Only when you have collected 3 stickers (peeling them off as you complete each book) can you purchase a new book. But certainly there must be an exemption for gift cards from Aunt Marion and Uncle Glenn.



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