Baby Boom, Boom, Boom... anyone else?

No sooner had I met our new little squirmy neighbor, (he looks a little like Suri Cruise with a full head o' black hair) that another new little babe arrived in my in-box. A girl this time, born on December 30th, daughter of an old friend and co-worker. Sharing my mother's birthday immediately endeared this new little one to my heart. But it did get me thinking, what is everyone doing?! Hang on, are we getting old? (Surely the response is that if you're asking yourself that question, then yes, you are.)
I reflected to friend James, who had e-mailed me to mention that a high school classmate of our is also expecting, that my own unmarried and childless disposition has probably made me feel younger than I really am. (40 is the new 30. Or 50 is, per ABCNews.) That, and evading my high school's mailing list (they only ever ask for money) means that there's no alumni magazine to put the wedding and baby photos of my old classmates in my mailbox and my face.
But really, I am closer to 40 than I am to 20. Whether I have a MySpace page or not. The fact that I also have a Friendster page likely confirms that I'm not quite as young as I think I am.
And yes, that's a baby porcupine that's up top of the post. Funny the things Google image search sends back sometimes.


Jean Therapy said...

The sad answer is yes, we are getting old. The really sad part is that I own a denim shop and will be one of those old ladies trying to act younger than what I truly am by dressing as if I'm 16. Just be glad that you have a chance to grow old with grace while I'm busy showing (close to) 32 year old ass crack to the world and listening to TI.


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