Hard-Hitting, Fairy Tale Journalism

I have to wonder about the journalist who found this assignment in their lap: Three pigs trigger fire in rural Serbia . The link is offered so you know I'm not making it up. Further proof that this is not a fairy tale? The three little pigs perished. It seems like there have always been forces conspiring against the impulse of pigs to domesticate. (Big Bad Wolf, poorly manufactured televisions in Serbia...)

BELGRADE, Serbia - A farmer's home in northern Serbia was destroyed in a blaze caused by three pigs that broke out of their pen, walked into the living room and knocked over the TV, police said Wednesday.

The television tube burst, starting a fire that spread through the house late Monday in Temerin, 50 miles, northwest of Belgrade, local police said.

No people were hurt, but the pigs perished.

The farmer was out at the time, police said.

I wonder what George Orwell might think about this one.



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