I Have Socks!

I have socks! Knit by the hands of friendship. I have never had handknit socks before, and they fit very well. It's easy to feel loved when you are wearing socks that someone made just for you, spent a lot of time on painstakingly piecing together, just so your little tootsies won't be cold. Abby was very thoughtful in noting that these will also be comfy to slip on during long plane rides home. (Take your pick, in the next two months it might be Denver, Houston, Los Angeles or Washington D.C.)
I remember learning how to knit, and then not getting much further than knit and purl. There were many scarves produced, but once it became complicated, I bailed. Perhaps it's time to try again. And it is the new year, time for those optimistic resolutions. Mine usually become no more weighty than promises to drink more water, take my vitamins, get up the first time the alarm goes off in the morning (no snoozing), and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Like every other American I see on the elevator in February, these ideas are forgotten soon. Best not to really committ to the knitting, at least not in the public forum of a blog. There are a lot knitters out there too, they might actually hold me responsible for some progress towards adding and decreasing stitches and yarning over.


abby said...

Yay! I'm very glad you like them, and that they fit! I thought that your feet were a little smaller than mine, so I just winged it. Enjoy! And you should start knitting again - see how the socks are almost all knit stitch? Easy peasy.


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