New Neighbor

We're waiting for a new neighbor to move in soon. All of his stuff arrived before him, and in a way he's been around for the past nine months. Our next door neighbor's first born arrived on New Year's Day. I was keeping Mom company during the day on New Year's Eve as she valiantly began labor at home. Ouch. And in between contractions, vigorously exclaimed that she did not want to have the New Year's Baby, the child born at midnight on New Year's. Who wants to be on the local news after being in labor for the past 12+-24 hours?? For better, (or maybe for worse, since it did mean 3+ extra hours of labor) our new little neighbor arrived at 3:46 am. A boy!
In the meantime Jason and I have been keeping an eye on the true baby of the family, dog Winston. He's a big, loping fellow, with the proverbial puppy dog eyes. Of course the first night he was in our care, he decided to take a nice lie-down in the mud. When I asked how dirty the brown dog was, the reply was, "He's black." Fortunately it was warm enough that we just hooked up the garden hose, and four slightly-tipsy New Year's Eve celebrating adults held him in place while he got a little bath.
Here's a photo of a smaller and drier Winston, doing his thing in the mud this past summer. Little devil.


abby said...

Ooohh! Congratulations to them! I hope that you get to meet the new tenant soon and that everyone is happy and healthy.


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