Pretty, Yummy

One trip to the card shop and 2 pretty things discovered.
The first were cards featuring the art of Hanna Werning. To my delight, her work gets bigger than notecards; as big as wallpaper (too bad we rent.) I'm considering buying a couple panels and just framing them on the wall.
And just in time for Valentine's there's Hello Lucky with the most adorable Valentines cards. They are letterpress too!
It's thanks to the wonderful internet that I can enjoy these artists beyond the handful of greeting cards I might have walked away with otherwise. To my delight, each card featured a website on the back, and like Alice through the rabbit hole I discover a whole world of new imaginative creations.

While I muse on things I like, there's one yummy thing discovered in the bakery aisle of the supermarket: Pumpkin Cheese Pecan Streusel. They might as well call it "I Can Decide Pie" or "Compromise Cake" since it's got just the perfect combination of multiple tasty flavors. If I like cheesecake but Jason wants pecans, no worries. And we even get the pumpkin bonus. Yummy. I think we've bought three since Christmas.



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