Second Rate Jane Austen? I'll Take It!

Where was I, or what was I preoccupied with, that I did not get the chance to anxiously await the arrival of new movie, Miss Potter? (I offer the link to the UK website, since it's much more bearable than the US site.) Can we possibly contain more of the things that Claire loves??:
- Beatrix Potter (Newly-arrived Neighbor Baby received the unabridged complete works of Beatrix Potter from me. Complete with the content noting that Peter Rabbit was warned by his mother not to go into Mr. McGregor's garden because his father had an accident there and ended up in a pie. I noted that this wickedly funny fact was edited out of other editions.)
- Speaking of McGregors: Ewan McGregor
- Renee Zellweger with British accent (like an old-fashioned Bridget Jones. I only like Renee when she's with Brit accent, otherwise she's sugary-sweet annoying, i.e. Jerry Macguire)
Surprisingly, reviews seem pretty favorable on this one. Usually when it's a movie I'd like because 1. it's related to literature, and then 2. it might have one or two off-the-beaten track actors that I like (Ewan) then it's doomed to be a flop. Let's take, for example the movie version of "Everything is Illuminated." It is a book that I loved, and it stars that buggy, meaningful-eyed actor who played a hobbit whose name I can't remember right now. (Elijah Wood!) And I only found out about it through getting lost in one of the corridors of Netflix. Did this movie ever appear in theaters? Must not have been very successful if it did, because it's already on its way to me in the mail from Netflix.
Admittedly, one critic/blogger called Miss Potter a "second rate Jane Austen" but even second rate will do for me. (I was very sad when I finished reading my last Jane Austen novel. I must remember not to get attached to authors who have long-ago died.)
Sadly, the reviewer of Miss Potter went onto say that "Zellwegger pummels the delicate lines of her character beyond eccentricity to questionable retardation."
Maybe the predictive rule of Claire anticipating a movie meaning it will be a flop holds true after all!

post-script photo: Peter Rabbit aptly demonstrates how I felt about waking up this morning. It has been a very challenging return to the office.



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