So Not Worth $10

And not even really worth a slot on your Netflix list either. Although it provided an enjoyable excuse to go out with 5 friends (all-time record for Claire! 5 friends at once!) The Holiday was so not worth my $10 movie admission.
For starters the first scenes, set in London with heroine #1 Kate Winslet, were a direct lift from Bridget Jones, complete with Daniel-Cleaver-like cad character, destined heartbreaker, and scene of our bundled up heroine crossing a bridge in London misty eyed and frowning. Although I think Kate's brit accent is genuine. And even in the happy ending where heroine #2 Cameron Diaz is running across the english countryside back to her beloved, she does the cliche stop-for-breath pause, but then looks up spiritedly and forges ahead with renewed ardor -- about three times. (Every time she hits a fence gate.) And she's of course running perfectly well across the soggy dale in high heels.
I should have lobbied for another movie. This was one of those films where you wonder if the actors cracked themselves up with how cliche some of the scenes were. I think Jude Law, who plays a charming, sensitive, widower, must have only taken the role at his agent's urging that it might help repair his image in the press.
Perhaps to be polite, and convince ourselves that we weren't all $10 poorer and missing 2+ more meaningful hours of our lives, all 6 of us agreed that this was a "cute" movie.



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