And it gets worse

After my depressing dental visit yesterday, it was not helpful to have the gentleman behind me on the shuttle bus this morning tap my shoulder to inform me: "You know, you're looking for a suprascapular nerve injury by carrying your bag on one shoulder like that."
How had he judged my risk of nerve injury just by observing me carry my bag for the five minutes from disembarking the train to walking to the company shuttle? I wanted to cry. Maybe the friend of mine who had once reflected that every day since she'd turned 30 her body had began to fall apart was right.
Instead of being angry or breaking down in tears, I responded that I was not looking for such an injury, but tried to be polite and ask his suggestions for avoiding such an event, which really sounds kind of dire.
This is the problem with working at a pharma company, too much medical knowledge on the shuttle bus.


Jean Therapy said...

um but isn't every women looking for such an injury too? Shoulder bags filled with enough goods to start one's own tacky mall booth seem to be the norm. Even the new marc jacobs bag feels like it weighs 10lbs before it's even filled....

hmm, I wonder if this was just an odd and akward pick up trick on the part of your shuttle bus buddy. I mean, afterall, you are a cutie lady!

AndraSue said...

I meant to comment on this the other day...YES, I do think your body starts falling apart after 30!!! Despite the fact that I eat healthier and am in better shape than I've ever been before, since I've turned 30: I developed asthma, had my first cavity EVER, had to up the dosage on my thyroid medication numerous times, and tore my hamstring which has turned into very bothersome sciatica. I mean, sciatica is for old people, right??? :)

Claire said...

Apparently not, I was told I had sciatica last year!! I felt both goofy and old.


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