Are These Obstacles to World Peace?

These are the little things that irk me (well, two of them):
1. That Plastic Packaging: you know, some machine sealed your newly purchased item (headphones, travel alarm clock...) in a plastic bubble where it will be impervious to water, air, the passage of time. These darn things are absolutely impossible to open. And you know that opening it is going to absolutely destroy the entire package, so if whatever your purchased item is doesn't work or doesn't meet your expectations, the return process with Customer Service will be more difficult than a simple return. Is this level of plastic security really necessary? Is there some trick to opening this packaging that I've missed?
2. Stickers on Cars: In Pennsylvania, car registration required two windshield stickers.
In Chicago, you need your City Sticker. It's not a parking sticker, you need it even if you just drive in Chicago, regardless of where you park.
My company requires a parking sticker. In our hierarchal corporate structure, your employment grade dictates how much of the windy parking lot you have to traverse to get to the office.
And then there's the reminder that the oil change shop puts on the top left corner of the windshield too. Reminding me of a chore that I've postponed.
I'm undecided which annoys me more, these stickers proliferating on my window like bugs splatted onto the windshield from a cross country road trip, or the painstakingly annoying process of trying to get them off with a butter knife. (I've used our Goo Gone way more than I thought I would when we first bought it.)

I sometimes wonder if it's little aggravations like these that keep human beings in a constant state of low level agitation, priming us to snap when someone cuts us off in traffic or decides to pay with a check at the supermarket. Is this why we haven't achieved world peace yet?


abby said...

Absolutely. I hear that the snapping at others doesn't happen in the Pacific Northwest. I hope I can experience that.


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