Minus 6 degrees was the temperature on the car's dashboard this morning. And 6:30 was the time that I nudged Jason awake this morning, hoping he'd make good on a promise made the night before to drive me to the train station instead of my having to walk the 3 blocks and stand on the platform bundled up to an unrecognizable pillow of scarf, hat, earmuffs and goose down. (Thank you, thank you, thank you again, Jason!)
I've observed that a near ankle length coat and those wraparound earcovers are required Chicago resident wardrobe, especially for those of us who are riders of public transportation. Those who work at home, like Jason, might spend their days in shorts, which took me aback in a moment of horror and wonder when I saw him dressed as such over the weekend.
It's too cold for snow. The thought of snow actually makes me feel warm at this point. The streets, cars, and sidewalks are crusted with salt, giving the impression that we've transitioned into a post-apocolyptic permafrost. And schools are closed - not because of impassable roads or snow so high that you can't open your door - just because the little ones might lose fingers to frostbite. (BTW, how nice is it that kids these days can look up their school closings online? Rather than listening to KYW Newsradio for the reading of your school's individual number. I remember sitting in bed, still in my pajamas hopeful that it might have some impact on the results of the reading of the numbers, waiting for our grade school's number to be called as one of those schools closed. If it wasn't read I usually waited around for a second roll call, just in case. I can guess the modern day equivalent is lots of kids citywide hitting the refresh button, just to be sure their school isn't on the list.)


Andra Sue said...

Aw, come on. You are SO not a slacker!!! And please don't avoid my blog. :) Love the wintry HK, btw...I have a blown-glass Christmas ornament that looks just like the pic. One more thing--completely not jealous of you living in Chicaaaaaago now. Hee hee.

abby said...

I walked to work yesterday and today, but it wasn't as cold here as you've got it. A recommendation: mohair is remarkable for its lack of bulk and complete windproofness. However, you end up eating a lot of fuzz when the scarf is pulled up over your face. It's a tradeoff.

Claire said...

And I've learned an additional hazard now that I have four eyes: foggy glasses making you look like a total geeky goof.


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