Every Little Girl's Dream of Escape

I advised Jason that I had drafted this post earlier, but nixed it for doubt over how he'd respond. He cracked a smile, laughed and said, "Yeah that sounds like a great way to live your life. I'm afraid of what Jason might think so I won't do it." That sounds like permission to me: blog away.
The topic is one that I didn't want to jinx with what I think is just a lighthearted blog post topic: marriage. And actually I should probably tread with caution with the rest of you since, more specifically, the matter is: elopement. Hopefully no one's been holding their breath, dreaming of the vision of me floating down the aisle of a cathedral in a cloud of gauzy white meringue, preceded by twelve bridesmaids in similar puffs of lilac chiffon, serenaded by a choir of heavenly voices. (I'd have a tiara too.) But since there are few of you who've entertained me at your weddings, you might be hoping to kick up your heels at mine. Although I believe a couple ladies have preemptively declined bridesmaid duties. (I know you'd do it if you had to, but admit it, at over 30, do you really want to wear the same cheaply made pastel dress as four other girls?)
I'm thinking I might prefer to kick up my heels on my coffee table and spare myself the nightmare of running around trying to plan A Perfect Wedding. What's funny though, is that it seems like there are nearly as many planning books dedicated to obsessing over the details of elopement as there are about freaking out over the wedding favors and seating charts. Maybe some of the titles from Amazon are a little bit off topic, namely a Hospital Law Report, "Psych. Hosp. Fails to Follow Policy: Pt. `Elopes'- Suicide Results." Mmm, maybe elopment is not as worry free as one might think.
But my mom's parents did it, and don't they look happy?

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Cantelope who?

Can't elope tonight, my dad's got the ladder.


Rick said...

Huh. My Google home page has a section titled "How-To of the Day"...it seemed strange when I first saw today's. It is How to Elope in Las Vegas. I guess there really is plenty of info on the subject.

Andra Sue said...

I say, if you want to elope, then good for you! If I'd had to pay for my own wedding, I would have eloped...and looking at the situation from an older and wiser perspective, I think it's a great option. Just make sure you do it somewhere that will fill you with good memories for the years to come. :)

Jean Therapy said...

Babe, you do what makes you happy! But honestly, as the token gay girl, I gotta say that any excuse for tackey pastel dresses is a-okay by me. I live for campy but I guess that's not the idea with those dresses...I think people do take that stuff seriously, oh whoops, snap!


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