The Good and The Bad

The Bad: My flight out of Chicago was cancelled last night. Two and a half hours of being on hold with Amex Travel and United Airlines simultaneously (one phone on my ear and the other on speaker) later, I had a new itinerary, but one that was delayed today anyway. I left my house at 8:00 am this morning, and almost exactly 12 hours later, arrived in Los Angeles. Three of those hours spent waiting in line at O'Hare.
The Good: The old man next to me on my eventual flight was from Montreal, and with a certain bravado he placed a clementine down on the tray between us and said, "That one's for you, if you'd like it," as he began to peel his own.
The Better: I had the boldness, after first politely saying "oh how generous, but no thank you" to say YES I WANT THAT CLEMENTINE, I HAD ONLY A BANANA FOR BREAKFAST AND HAVEN'T EATEN ANYTHING ELSE FOR FIVE HOURS. Thank you, sweet old Canadian man. (He had earlier whispered to me that he was thinking it was time for his own Leer jet, because United Airlines doesn't care much about you and your travel plans.) World peace may be possible through clementines on airlines. Even the flight attendant, who stopped to pick up our trash, delightedly held one of the rinds in the air, crushing it between her fingers, breathing in the smell, and hoping to spread the happy, fresh, citrus scent to our fellow passengers.

The Good: I bought a cute striped v-neck at H&M this weekend, shopping with Jason's sister Courtney. (Thanks to Uncle Paul for the gift card!) Although so unlike me, I pulled it off the rack and took it to the checkout without stopping at the fitting room (and without collecting $200 either). It fit perfectly anyway!
The Bad: While stopping for a brief moment of privacy in the airplane lavatory during today's harrowing travel day I realized that this blue sweater, with white stripes, will be yet another piece of clothing that Jason looks at and asks me if I'm planning on joining the Russian navy. (See Christmas photo.)



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