How Does This Thing Work?

After 48 hours of a new ring on my finger (yes!) I started wondering why there aren't more directions provided. I took it off when I did some housecleaning on Sunday, that seemed reasonable. But later I tapped it accidentally on the side of the washing machine. Oopsie. No damage done, isn't it one of the earth's strongest materials? For something that you spend ostensibly two months' salary on (Jason and I wondered if two month's is meant to be before or after taxes.), it seems like they'd tell you more about how to take care of it. I'd make some joke here about not feeding it after midnight, but someone who's never seen Gremlins really doesn't have the credibility to say that. The jeweler did dispatch us from his store with a free jewelery cleaner and jewelery box with his store's logo on the top. But no instructions.
But I'm sure I'll be wondering the same thing about marriage and kids later.
At least I had manuals for taking care of the cat before he arrived.

I realized that looking at other women's rings is an entirely different sport when there's one on your finger too. Hers is bigger, but plainer. Hers is like mine, but on steroids. There's ultimately little point to it, there will always be someone who has a bigger ring, and someone else whose stone is smaller. Just like there will always be someone who's richer, or poorer, thinner or fatter. Liking where you are is important. And I do like where I am. (Ok, maybe a little bit richer and in better shape would be nice, but the ring, and the new fiance that goes with it, are perfect.)

An interesting Atlantic Monthly article (that I've never managed to finish reading) on diamond engagement rings, and how it was the advertising industry that made us all think we needed them, and probably bigger rather than smaller, is here.


Rick said...

Wow, this is great. Congrats to you guys! New job, new city, new fiancé...all in 8-9 months?

One thing that might be in a manual, if there were one: If you are prone to misplacing things, look into an insurance policy for the ring.

Aaron said...


Jean Therapy said...

omigod lady!!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you and Jason. Who I've never met but if he is any bit as amazing and awesome as you, you guys will be all set.

Yay yay and yay all around. Does this mean I get to wear a campy pink dress at some point?

I'm sending hugs and love your way!

Jean Therapy said...
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Andra Sue said...

Congratulations to you and Jason! You have my best wishes for a long and happy life together. So, when are you eloping???


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