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What's funny is that the weather today (and probably tomorrow) is nowhere near as wicked as it was the other week. But inches of snow are more photogenic that just atmospheric cold air, so it gets way more play and a lot more hysterics.
It snowed pretty much all day today. My boss called me at 2:30 pm from inside of his slowly inching forward car to tell me that I should flee the office just as he had already done.
There were some heroics this evening as Jason looked out the window and saw that the back tire of an unfortunate soul's car fell into the 2 foot wide sink hole that has been festering on the street outside of our building. (There was a traffic cone to warn people of the danger, but someone took it down the block a few days ago.) Jason's Ohio/Midwestern can-do spirit had him quickly donning hat and gloves. "We can lift her car out!" He alerted our New York neighbor to the situation, who gave the more blase East Coast answer, "So?" But three neighbors (including the doubtful New Yorker) were rallied, along with some stranger who was innocently parking his car on the street. We lifted the car up out of the sinkhole, shifted it over by about 10 inches and proclaimed ourselves heroes. Unfortunately the girl got a flat tire when her car went into the hole, and that was beyond us. It seemed like a second shift of her friends and family arrived to remedy that situation. (This is notably the second time that Jason has lifted up a car in a pinch.)
The harshly beautiful photo above is from the NYT. The amateur ones below are by me.


abby said...

Hee, hee. I like Chad's response to the crisis. But yay for y'all for helping out. Your snow is beautiful, especially compared to the abusive hail we've got right now. I want some!


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