Ready (or not) for some FOOTBALL

I'd be remiss not to mention the big event this Sunday, which has our new hometown in its spotlight: it'll soon be Superbowl Sunday.
The city is energized, with a lot of dark blue and orange being adorned on people, buildings, and also on the Art Institute Lions. (The way they decorate those things appears to be Chicago's submission to Stuff on My Cat. Wreaths for Christmas and now helmets for the game. There was just one small problem this time, one of the helmets broke before it could be worn, possibly due to how freaking cold it is here. 5 degrees tomorrow!) It's impossible to avoid the hype and with just one chorus I find that darn fight song in my head. The department I sit next to at work had both a Superbowl breakfast, and three hours later: a Superbowl lunch. This Flickr photo stream is documentary evidence of the near lunacy. They put a Bears cap on the Picasso at Daley Plaza too! If I stand still too long on a street corner, I might find myself similarly decorated. But that blue shirt I was chastised for wearing during the OSU game earlier this year (Michigan's color) may be handy for Sunday. The orange might be harder.

How'd they do that?: Writing "Go Bears" with blinds from Chicago Public Radio


AndraSue said...

Hey there! Hope you're staying warm in frosty Chicaaaaaago this weekend. I finally pulled the trigger and started a blog of my own...feel free to come on over and say hello!

abby said...

Um, this is all a bit scary. Don't go outside tomorrow, OK? Keep the blinds drawn.

Jean Therapy said...

So are you watching the big show? Excuse me what about superbowl brunch, superbowl dinner or superbowl snack?? People really there are so many marketing channels up for grabs!


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