Still Miss You TiVo

This Chicagoist article perfectly sums up what it's like when someone gives you TiVo, and then takes it away... tricking you into getting a plasma flat screen, without telling you that you'll have to sacrifice darling, dear TiVo for it. TiVo doesn't do high definition, so what's the point of watching 42 inches of blurriness? Ah, but the picture's blurry now anyway, through the soggy eyes from crying missing the ability to pause and rewind TV whenever Jason asks me to watch something that the cat is doing.
Comcast is supposedly coming out with some fancy integrated TiVo cable box. Maybe springtime. Jason hunted down the Comcast repairman in our back alley to confirm the rumors, which the guy was somewhat able to confirm. "Heard of them, don't know when they're coming though."


Andra Sue said...

I got a DVR (from Time Warner) when I moved to Dallas. Not all that impressed--apparently, there are different "levels" of sophistication with the cable box ones. On mine, I can't watch a different channel than the one I'm recording or set up neato features like only taping non-reruns. It does record in HD, though I don't have a HDTV yet. We are supposedly getting an upgrade to our cable service area that has better features in the Spring. If it doesn't happen, I'm getting TiVo. HD be damned!!!

I belong anywhere but in between... said...

If you know any techy people they can rig the TiVo for you...I have NO IDEA how, but my brother-in-law (i.e. techy person) got my parents TiVo to record in HD!
Good Luck


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