You Know I Have an Opinion

I haven't mentioned it yet, but you know I'm forming a point of view on the Democratic Presidential Race. Maybe my silence is just the eager wonderment of Dubya leaving office. Glee, pure glee.
Hillary: It seems like a reflex to get behind Hillary. A First Female President, and Bill in the deal as well. Considering him as First Gentlemen is both amusing and fitting, since he's moved to very cause-driven work these days like raising money to help the tsunami and hurricane victims and for HIV in Africa. Amusing because he'd be super over-qualified and that might be trouble. (It's like my engineer dad trying to re-tool my sister's Barbie motorcycle. The simple things eluded him, the metallurgist who could develop the best composite material for the exterior of a fighter jet broke Juliet's motorcycle within 1 hour of its being pulled out of the box. And then there was the time he tried to teach me algebra to help me do my fourth grade division homework.) A perhaps overly suspicious colleague speculated that last year's television series, Commander in Chief with Gina Davis, was really just a test case for how the American public would respond to a Hillary presidency. "Why else," he mused, "would a successful series like that be canceled? They got the answer they needed." Except that I don't think it was really that successful.

Obama: In Illinois, of course people love him. And I too entertained an infatuation after his Democratic Convention speech which was so genuine and optimistic. But I then caught a glimpse of his participation in a recent Senate hearing. Just like all the other politicians, he took a few moments of his questioning time to berate the witness and pontificate. Just like any other holier-than-thou politician. Ugh.
BTW, the NYT has an interesting article questioning whether Obama shares the real American cultural experience of being black, having grown up in Hawaii and Indonesia, with a Kenyan father and white mother, and how this might impact his appeal to African-Americans.

The dark horse that impresses me (this is sounding a little bit like a clumsy comment Joe Biden might make about Barack Obama, but it's not) is Bill Richardson. UN Ambassador, domestic cabinet experience, and a governor so none of those complicated, compromised Senate votes which helped sink Kerry last time round. (I still shudder at that stupid, stupid comment, "I actually voted for the war, before I voted against it.") And Richardson apparently brought commuter rail to New Mexico! Trains in the desert must be a miracle. Pretty trains too.
Just my initial thoughts... I'll have more, likely as I see my favorite candidates fall to the wayside for stupid stuff like getting too excited and screaming. (Still miss you, Howard Dean.)



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