The Clock on the Wall

The clock on our kitchen wall is satisfying right again. After the heck of a time I had trying to hang it up on the wall months ago when we moved in, I didn't bother to ask it to join us in "falling back" for daylight savings last autumn. So for months guests came over, looked up and said, "That's not the real time, is it?" "No, it's not," we replied, not always offering the story of the struggle to hang it up on the wall. Really, it took two of us to get it up there, and there was a blush of the red paint from its rim all around the hook on our white wall afterwards (from many failed attempts to slide the clock down over the hook until it caught.) Similarly, I have not had the inclination to get up there with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to clean that up. (But those things really are magic.)
The member of our appliance family that I am most proud of during this Daylight Savings jump was our new bathroom clock radio. Obviously manufactured after Congress decided that they wanted to play God with our time, it sprung ahead all by itself, clever little thing. Even my Lotus Notes couldn't do that. And that darn 1980 phone on my desk at work is still an hour behind (plus 25 years...)
But Daylight Savings can't be blamed for this week without blog, that's my work, a concert on Monday, and doing nothing on my deck last night... just because it was 70something wonderful, springlike degrees. But we're back to 40 today. Rats.



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