Fashionable Objecter?

There are just some fashions that I can't bring myself to participate in. (At least not yet.) And the "cropped pant" trend is one of them. My mother would have helpfully provided the historical background that these used to be known as "knickerbockers." And because she bought me and my sister matching pairs in grade school, which were a colorful plaid of red, yellow and green, I just can't fathom putting on a pair ever again. I looked for some childhood photos, and while I ran across a number that testified that my sister and I just being clothed seemed sufficient to send us out the door, never mind color coordination, I couldn't find pics of those knickers. In my memory though, there was no shirt that ever matched with them, but we wore them anyway. Probably with purple velcro sneakers.
Exactly what height should you be for these pants to be flattering? I don't know, and suspect it's not me anyway.
How funny that another quirky pant style is coming back too: leggings. It's telling when not even the catalog model looks good in something.


Andra Sue said...

OH. MY. GOSH. I totally remember you in knickers...with a little button on the side of the hem!!! I thought they were pink, though.

I'm a big fan of the cropped pant myself, perhaps due to locale. Having them be just the right length is key, however.

As for leggings? In my opinion, one of the most awful items ever invented to cover the legs...along with gaucho pants and tapered jeans. Blech.

Claire said...

It's very possible that I had a pink pair too. Or maybe a pale purple?? I think they might have been corduroy. Scarring.

abby said...

If the fashionistas at Mode on Ugly Betty can't pull them off, there's no hope for the trend. And yet...

Andra Sue said...

Lavender is definitely a possibility...and yeah, the corduroy rings a bell! I'll promise to quit remembering what you wore in elementary school if you promise never to blog about my Michael Jackson glove. Ugh.


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