How I Nearly (But Never) Met Paris Hilton

After a week in Los Angeles, there were no celeb sightings to report, mainly because I spent most of my time inside conference rooms and at the desk in my room. I did become momentarily titillated when I read the report of Paris Hilton getting pulled over, because it mentioned she took refuge from the paparrazzi in The Standard Hotel. How exciting, that was just a block away from my hotel! But wait, my hotel was a Hilton, wouldn't she have preferred to seek solace within the arms of her own family's behemouth empire? It was then that I read more carefully and noted that Paris was in West Hollywood, not downtown LA, and discovered that there are two Standard Hotels. Bummer.
Paris was pulled over for speeding, but to make matters more stupid she was driving her $200k Bentley on a suspended license. Whenever I've taken driving tests (with recent moves to Ohio and Illinois this has been about two times in three years - ask me about right of way at a four way intersection!) I make mental note never to committ any of those offenses that get your license taken away. What an inconvenience. And for less-well-off people who need their car to get to their jobs, it can be really deleterious.
But as someone with $200k to drop on a car, you have no excuse to drive with a suspended license, Paris. (Like she really reads this blog.) You can afford to keep a driver on call 24/7, and why not let them manage knocking down the paparazzi to get out of a crowded street? Ten points for the guy with the telephoto lens.


John Bryson said...

I would think a conversation with Paris would be like a conversation with a pet. They seem like they're listening, but when its their turn to respond, they just stare at you, sometimes with their tongue out.

Leah said...

I would have died when you met Paris Hilton and had a deep and meaningful convo with her! "Bitch you're from Chicago, that's hot!"

Andra Sue said...

Of all celebrities, I think Paris Hilton disgusts me the most. Vacuous, ugly, unhealthy, mean to animals. I don't think it could get much worse. Unless maybe she lost her trust fund? Blech.

p.s. don't feel bad--with all the time I've spent around LA, I still haven't seen any famous people. :P


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