Longest Week Ever

I'm in an undisclosed location right now. I'm not telling because many readers will be possibly dismayed to hear that I'm in their geography, but have made no time to call or say hello. I was pained with guilt as the cab driver crossed 63rd and First Avenue, just seven blocks from Grandma. But I had a 1 pm meeting and have been embroiled in presentation rehearsals and conference calls since.
Only now have I had a moment to turn on the television in my room to discover that there is a channel totally dedicated to a live sweeping view of Central Park. Back and forth, back and forth. This channel must be dedicated to those of us worker bees who stay in the hive, and don't even get across the street to Central Park.
Ok, location now totally undisclosed. Sorry to Abby & David, Ellyn & Joe, and most of all Grandma. Yes, I'm in New York City and no, I didn't call.
When I was on the plane this morning at 7 am and rudely sleeping through the safety lecture I realized that it was my fourth airplane ride in as many days. By now I know to pull on the tabs to inflate the vest, and that although the bag may not appear to inflate oxygen is flowing. And always put on your own mask first before helping others.
And maybe next time spare yourself the guilt and visit your Grandmother.
But sadly it's damned if do, damned if don't in this situation, I'm also missing some friends who are visiting Chicago this weekend. I'll just be in the air above all of you on a plane, rehearsing fastening my seatbelt for our final descent. Next time you see a plane in the air, wave to me!


abby said...

Well, I have class and a meeting at school tomorrow morning, so if you have time for a cup of coffee and to say hello (I'll come to you), just let me know. We can freak out at each other: I've got 10 days to write and submit my team's thesis project. And it seems that I'm going to do all of the work for the team. And continue my full-time job, and celebrate Passover forever.


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