So tired. So busy. So no clue how it'll get done.

I am so ridiculously tired today. There's nothing like having to wake up at 3:30 am for a flight. I felt like I woke up ever hour, "is it 3:30 yet?" "now is it 3:30?" Sometimes I was happy to discover that I still had hours to sleep, but then I came to the morning hours where my mind was racing with the thought that I had to absorb absolutely every valuable second of sleep.
And tonight, after a day of work, there's still a business dinner to go. In a time zone an hour behind my own.
I am so tired, but an attempted evening nap failed. I was distracted by fretting over how the internet connection at this hotel has been so hit or miss that I can barely toss out one e-mail to my boss, or the others who assailed me with their e-mail requests for things both big and petty. And lots of things that I feel like writing back and saying, "That's not my job. Be a big person and figure it out yourself." This is obviously not the tactful or productive response, but I can daydream.
And there will be just a day back in the office, already booked with meetings, (and the appointment I had to schedule myself to remind my boss about my performance review) before turning around for a weekend biz trip.
I don't know when I'll get my actual work done. I'm just quietly, unproductively stressing. Not good.
How sad is it that the best picture of how I feel at the moment is from the comics pages: Cathy. Especially when her hair goes perpendicular to her head in a frenzy.


Jean Therapy said...

At least you have MUCH better hair than Cathy when you're stressed. I hope it gets better for you soon.

Andra Sue said...

Something I always tell myself, "Eventually, the work will get done; it always does."

Keep your head up, girly!


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