This is not art, but it is cool.

I've always wondered why the folks at Kleenex try to make our tissue boxes so profound and seemingly artistic. (And why there are so many Americans who buy into this and so prominently display their tissue boxes in their homes.) Personally, I used to keep my tissue box under my living room couch. I had a couch that was high enough off the ground to give clearance to the cheesy floral tissue box. Guests were momentarily disarmed when asking for a tissue and seeing me whip it out from under the couch, but when I explained my disdain for common-place tissue box art, I think they understood. Why do we have to keep tissue boxes right in the middle of our coffee tables/desks/night stands and stare at those ever so bland middle-America designs of muted orchids or climbing ivy vines. BLAH.
So I was quite impressed from a tissue-customer and fellow marketer perspective to see this: DESIGN YOUR OWN TISSUE BOX. $4.99 plus shipping. If I were a better "Price is Right" contest I'd be able to tell you how that compares to buying off the shelf designs.
Of course proving that I'm not nearly as far away from middle America like I pretend to be, my first fancy was to put my cat on a tissue box. Until I realized that might be a little, ahem... tacky? (Oh but he is so cute. :) This might be acceptable for my office where my interior design standards resign themselves to the fact that I'm in a cubicle world.
Instead a new idea might be to take a photo of my rug, or decorative pillow, so as to apply the textile designs of my home on my tissue box. At least this way when I whip it out, it'll be something less nauseating in design.
But then again, with all the clip art that you can add, the cat option is... going to be my little secret that I ordered that.
Pretty cool, Kleenex.



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