The sore throat of earlier in the week turned into a full-blown cold by Friday. I was at the office counting the minutes until I could catch the early shuttle to the train station home. Luckily everyone else was ditching early, with a sudden appearance of religiousity in the office, everyone was leaving for Good Friday. Sometimes it surprises me to see everyday people be religious. I guess it seems a little old fashioned, quaint and traditional. "Do people still do that?" I ask myself. They do, and they are probably more of them then there are of types like me. And older folks have told me that I might come around some day when kids arrive and need some proper religious foundation. I'm not so sure.
Regardless, my Easter meal will be most notable for its beverage, an effervescent glass of Airborne. I find it quite ironic that the number one recommended remedy for my cold was an herbal antioxidant cocktail, invented by a school teacher. Here we are working for a pharmaceutical company which employs many research scientists to extricate important compounds and then combine them back together, lawyers to protect the patents on those sophisticated compounds - but with one sneeze we run to homeopathy.
I guess it might work, since I am feeling a bit better. But it might also be the entire day spent on the couch, and the nap I took. Waking up to find myself scrunched into a corner of the couch because the (fat) cat had decided to stretch himself out next to me.



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