'member when I had a blog?

Yeah, that was fun.
Right now I've just got a little soar throat and sniffles. Of course when there's so much work to do and no time to do it.
When a co-worker reflected today that she was glad it was Wednesday I murmurmed my agreement but worried aloud, "Yes, but it means there are only two days left in the week to get all my work done."
My blog has dissolved into a butterfly net to catch my wildly flying anxieties.
Did I mention that FedEx lost a $60 refrigerator part that I had to order online? >:[


Andra Sue said...

Girly, it sounds like you need a break! If you ever want to get away from arctic Chicaaaaago and head down to the Big D for a weekend of rest and relaxation, I have an awful lot of extra space. And tickets to a lot of concerts, lately. Just sayin'... :)

Jean Therapy said...

I'm glad you have this butterfly net b/c otherwise I don't know if we ever would have really reconnected. But I agree, you need a break. I'd invite you to my neck of the woods, but my life is equally insane right now. Who knew that starting a second store would be so much work?


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