Things That Don't Work

Let me help you save $50. I will tell you about two tools that we brought home this weekend that just really didn't work so well. Not as miraculously well as advertised:
- the Swiffer Sweeper Carpet Flick (sounds really cute)
- and the Swivel Sweeper, a similar device that Jason saw on TV

When you have a predominantly white cat, and a dark grey carpet (in Jason's office) regular cleaning is needed. Wishing to spare himself the chore of lugging the vacuum of out of the hall closet regularly, Jason expressed a wish for a carpet sweeper. What every little boy wants.
I was enticed to buy the Carpet Flick by a coupon, softening the risk of experimenting with this new cleaning tool. It's adorably orange, with a smart little grippy handle. But underneath, it's really just a big sticky lint roller. Cleaning up cat hair requires persistence, singling out each individual hair and chasing it down with increasing force. For crumbs, maybe this works but not for the cat.

To increase the muscle in our pursuit of cat hair, the Swivel Sweeper is actually electric. A little battery pack piggybacks on the handle, driving little brushes around the carpet. But still the cat hair holds tight to the carpet. I had to suppress a spiteful "HA!", after Jason had chastised me for spending money on the useless Carpet Flick, when we both observed that his sweeper choice didn't work so well either.

What a disappointment: two tools that promised to change my life, clean my carpet, and make the presence of our cat less obvious. And I am only $50 poorer.

And I still have a little cold, by the way.


Andra Sue said...

Ditto on the Swiffer Wet Jet. Mike brought one home (totally not my idea) and it's pretty much useless. Spots everywhere and the wood floors end up way less than clean. I need to throw it away. Now we have some $200 Hoover FloorMate floor scrubber gadget that does an okay job. Sigh. What happened to mops and vacuum cleaners???


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