Wasting time on the internets

As much as the internet has to offer society, it also supports a wastrel lifestyle.

How much time can I spend watching a baby german polar bear? Knut is cute. I have screened many minutes of footage on YouTube and find this one to be the most adorable and relaxing. Makes me wish my cat were a little polar bear.

And for as much as the internet promises to deliver in baby polar bear delight, it is so profoundly disappointing when what you seek cannot be found on the whole wonderful world wide web (that'd be WWWWW). On Friday I was ironing my new blouse only to discover that the iron was hotter and the shirt more delicate than I calculated. The result was a scorched blouse, with poplin fabric that now felt like thin crisp paper. Since I bought the blouse only a few weeks ago, I thought it might be easy to replace, but the racks at two different Macy's were empty. And all of the racks across the WWWWW were too. I had to stop myself after spending nearly a half hour searching bloomingdales.com, nordstrom.com, and bluefly.com. Ridiculous, how much could a blouse really mean to me? But why did I have to scorch the newest blouse? The one I'd worn only once, on a day where I had to make a presentation to new sales representatives. At the end I asked the crowd if there were any further questions, two women asked, "Where did you get that blouse?" "Nowhere where you'll ever find it," I should have replied.



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