And another thing...

And another thing I like about spring and summer *finally* arriving? New fruits in the grocery store, like cherries! Reminds me of climbing the tree in our backyard to pick them direct from the branch.
I'm waiting for it to be warm enough again for us to sleep with the windows open again. The branches of the cherry tree used to swish in the summer breezes as I fell asleep every night at home. Ever since, there's never been any slumber so sweet. So far, Chicago weather is not cooperating. Why is it so cold on weekends, but then the forecast calls for 80 degrees tomorrow... Monday??!


Andra Sue said...

Mmmmmmm...oh man, those cherries look DELICIOUS. Must get myself to a grocery store as soon as possible! They are one of my favorite Spring fruits. Are cherries a fruit? Or a berry? Whatever, still love 'em. That's cool you had a cherry tree in your backyard growing up. :-)

Claire said...

My only advice is to check the price tag first, which I didn't -all caught up in a wave of nostalgia. I looked at my grocery store receipt later and discovered they were ~$6 per lb. And the bag was over 2 lbs!


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