I Rescind My Previous Vote

'Member when I said lilacs were my favorite spring flower? Yeah, I think I might rescind that vote, because the peonies have bloomed and they are beautiful, plump and lovely.
Of course, I remember we had peony bushes on the border of the side yard growing up. Dad would go and clip a few to put in a vase for the dinner table. Halfway through dinner one family member would peer closely at the flowers and ask, "Are those ants?" Dad would lean in, brows furrowed with professional curiousity. The rest of us would lean in, dinner forks poised in mid-air, with civilian interest. Yes, millions of little ants crawling from behind the delicate pink petals, ready to make their home on our dining table. Dad would grab the vase, walk it quietly out to the back step, and we'd resume dinner. One year we tried spraying the flowers with Raid Antkiller before introducing them as a centerpiece, but I think the disappointing result was that they, and everything else including our food, then smelled like Raid.
But I think that professional peonies, like the ones you might order online for your favorite blogger, (I like pink!) are probably treated for that little annoyance.
I am somewhat excited that if we plan a wedding for next May, maybe I can have peonies. (Jason knows little that I might spend more money on flowers than the dress, the meal, the limo, the honeymoon...)
Part of the peonies' appeal must be that they're a very short-lived flower, just here for May and then gone. Slipping back into their buds to leave way for the hardy, riotous flowers of the full summer sun, like marigolds and geraniums. Spring is already going too fast.



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