My Dirty Wow Wow's Cuter Than Yours

Our beloved and steadfast companions finally have their long-deserved homage. A president's medal of honor might have been more appropriate for these dedicated soldiers who absorbed scraped knee tears and were hugged to an inch of their stuffing, until threadbare and battered. Binkies, boppies, or Dirty Wow Wow's in the favorite phrase of the publishers of "Dirty Wow Wow and other love stories" which chronicles the histories of our childhood favorites.
To publicize their book, the authors invite us to post pictures of our own favorite childhood stuffed animal. The pictures are just so adorable to peruse.
I am almost jealous that some people's companions might even be cuter than my little guys... Lemons the bear, so cute. Nah.
My Dirty Wow Wow's: There's my bunny, which I got when Juliet was born. The "remind Claire we still love her too, despite all the attention we're giving the needy little baby" gift. The bunny's ear is now held on by a crusty safety pin and the tail looks to be the next candidate for similar reattachment surgery. The music box in bunny's tummy still plays Frere Jacques though, which I have hazy memories of singing with my Mom. ("That thing plays Frere Jacques?" Jason asked. I nodded and he rolled his eyes, just more evidence of my alleged bourgeosie, blue blood East Coast upbringing.)
Maybe Juliet can help me out with the other little guy who's followed me around into my 30s. We each had one of these dolls and I think we called them the Silly Brothers. 'Cause brothers are silly, who needs them? Except to make these dolls squeal at each other in a goofy little boy way and then fling across the room, which is what I remember doing with this Silly Brother.



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