My Weekend

Even though I'm sitting here on Sunday night wondering where the weekend went, in reflecting over it, the weekend went a lot of places:
1. Lowes: We got a grill to head into our Second Summer in the Second City. It's shiny. Jason put it together, since I was quite grumpy about not even having a chance to shower before we were off to adopt it in the morning. Jason already found this delicious steak recipe which tastes just like the Hunan Beef Lettuce Wraps at PF Chang's which we grilled tonight.
2. Blue Water Grill: We checked out a potential wedding reception venue. Very swank and loungey with an amazing bar with a backdrop of clustered starfish.
3. Arcade Fire concert last night at the Chicago Theater. SO GOOD. So amazing. And the band had two french horns. I love brass. I also love the Chicago Theater. I was ready for it to be a dusty relic that gets by on reputation alone, but inside it was grand with gigantic chandeliers and marble staircases. I'll have to check their schedule for something else to go to soon.
4. Made it to the gym for the first time in months and months. This was partially prompted by my being cornered in the hallway last week by a group of enthusiastic co-workers who saw me and exclaimed, "Let's ask Claire! Claire will join our team!" "What team?" I asked with caution. "We're calling ourselves the "Try for Kids team." What they really meant was the "TRI for kids" and were asking someone who hasn't broken a serious sweat in about 2 months at least, to bike, swim and run all in one day. "Um, can I just write a check??" I pleaded. I will continue to evade the triathletes, but I thought the gym might be a good idea. So I went... only to see this weird old man parading around in what was really pretty equivalent to tighty whities, *wet* and *clingy* tighty whities. The gym doesn't even have a pool so I guess he'd just decided to stroll around after his shower?? The girl on the next machine and I exchanged horrified and bewildered looks. Not sure about how soon I'll be returning to the gym.
5. Checked out potential wedding reception venue #2, the Signature Room, on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower. This would be so classic for a Chicago wedding, and no matter where you might be in Chicago, Jason will be quick to point out the Hancock. Unfortunately today I saw what it would be like on a cloudy day, where the glass windows become just like plain old white walls.On a similar day, our wedding reception would become the equivalent of an outdoor wedding being rained out. Something to think about.


Andra Sue said...

Awwww...I can't believe you didn't want to sign up for the company Tri team after hearing all my fabulous stories!!! :( Ha ha.

Also, I think you might have the same grill as we do. Please post/email the steak recipe. Yum!

Jean Therapy said...

That grill looks awesome! I'm very jealous that you have such a nice grill and a porch to grill on.


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