The Neighborhood that Friendliness Built?

Our little neighborhood was its most adorable today. The morning began with our alderman catching a purse snatcher. (But really, our zip code is not as crime-ridden as they say! The hookers are in the _next_ block.) Jason told me the purse snatcher story when I got home tonight and we went through the "You're kidding." "No really" "You're kidding" "No really" cycle a few times until the boy who cries wolf convinced me of the veracity of his story. The detail that had me really skeptical was Jason's impish grin when he told me that the alderman said he saw the thief running down the street carrying a purse and knew it wasn't his because it didn't match his shoes. It gets even better, a witness to the drama told news reporters, "Normally, you see aldermen running away from the law, instead of being part of it. A neighbor said they're politicians and they're all running for something."
Our day concluded with a bright rainbow arching over our homes. *Sigh*



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