Origin of the Coolness?

Do you remember who it was that introduced you to Nirvana? That's the premise of a some of the work of this photographer, Jason Lazurus, which I was reading about in my Time Out Chicago. I have never heard of him before, but it's an intriguing premise. By picking a band whose heyday has come and gone it fixes the recollection in the time, which all its attendant props (there's a very funny picture with a guy in front of his shiny red Camaro.)
I think it was my high school bud, Leah, who introduced me to Nirvana. I remember sitting in her bedroom, with its two cute little twin beds, perfect for sleepovers, listening to Nevermind. It was probably even a cassette tape (what was I saying about the props that are a signature of their era?) I looked at the album cover and wondered about whether or not it was right that there was a naked baby on the front, and how was he holding his breath under water like that?
My roommate Ellyn introduced me to Liz Phair, who probably had more interest and impact for me than Kurt Cobain. (I guess I wasn't really a full-fledged, card carrying member of my own generation.) Well really, Ellyn let me peruse her CD collection one night when I was looking for some new music to study to, who knew what I'd find?
But predating both Ellyn and Leah, was Andra who in fifth grade introduced me to the mere idea of listening to rock music on the radio. Oh God, I was such a nerd. I remember wondering what my mom might think if she heard me listening to the radio!


Jean Therapy said...

I remember that little tape deck! Hahha, yes I do think it was me that introduced you to Nirvana. I was a pretty big fan. But remember who bought me that really cool Arrested Development cassette for Christmas? I wish I still had that tape. It was really good.

Andra Sue said...

Thank god you didn't mention WHAT music we were listening to on the radio back in elementary school. I prefer to mentally block out anything music-related that came before my first Talking Heads album in 6th grade!!!

And you weren't a nerd, you had SO MUCH cool hello kitty stuff and really neato stickers from Japan. Remember those ones that had oil in them?

Ellyn said...

I think I also introduced you to tori amos... but maybe that had more of a traumatic effect than a positive effect given my tendency to overplay her music in my side of our room.

Speaking of our room and thus Oberlin... are you nostalgic about our reunion this weekend? I'm not going, but I always feel a little sad when I miss Illumination. Anyway, glad to know that the Liz Phair recommendation made a lasting impression! I think you probably listen to her now more than I do.

Claire said...

I think it may be more accurate to say that you SMOTHERED me with Tori Amos, Ellyn. For the record, I think I knew about her already, but not in, er... the *depth* of which living with you offered.
Don't know if I'm too nostalgic for Oberlin this weekend, seems like so long since I was there!


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