I thought I'd try to take action on the "I told you so" I was telling myself a few weeks ago: next time I get a cold, I'm going to the doctor early, getting antibiotics, and won't waste two weeks feeling crummy. This morning I spent the typical impatient outpatient 10 minutes waiting in the exam room for a doctor to greet me and my recently returned sniffles.
Sidenote: Why do they take you from the magazine-filled waiting room only to make you sit for 10 minutes in a room that has no reading material, no windows and nothing to do? I swear I've been tempted to start going through drawers in the exam room just for something to entertain myself until I hear the sound of my medical chart slipping out of the holder on the other side of the door, signaling the final arrival of my doctor.
I thought I'd earn points with the doctor by pointing out that I'd had this cold just a few weeks ago and I'd already made a valiant effort at toughing it out au nautreul -- not naked -- but with lots of fluids, rest, more fluids, and Airborne vitamins. And make the more pointed remark that this didn't help much. This time I wanted to lead my doctor towards his little prescription pad for some antibiotics. But I think I got some homeopathic quack. He commented that he really liked the idea of Airborne, since people should take more vitamins. He led to a quick diagnosis and conclusion that everything that there was to offer my cold could be found... over the counter.
As if those insidious words don't plague me enough in my pharma marketing career, now they came to assail me in my own misfortune.
Sudafed. Maybe Zycam, but it might already be too late for that.
And then he suggested something that caused me to wonder if I should ask for my $20 co-pay back: nasal wash. Salt water squirted up each nostril. To the old folk they might use the tool called a netty pot. Geez, that's all modern medicine had to offer me?
I thought I'd try asking if he was SURE there wasn't something more I could get or do. Nope. Really? No. "So you're saying there's no cure for the common cold?" Yes.


Jean Therapy said...

you're the second person to tell me what the heck a nettie pot is. E mentioned it to me b/c she's been sick. I've never heard of such things. Perhaps because I'm not over the age of 70?

I hope you are feeling better!


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