So Many Choices

Last summer we watered our deck-top flowers and foliage with this glass pitcher that I inherited, most likely through mom's branch of the family tree. Last time I moved the guy doing the packing laughed out loud when he pulled the pitcher out of the cabinet, exclaiming that everyone that he's moved always has this pitcher. The lineage that I had before considered might be antique and unique was suddenly banal. (The hours spent practicing a flabbergasted expression of surprise in front of the mirror for my Antiques Roadshow appearance suddenly wasted.)
We speculated that there must have been some Lipton Tea box top giveaway in the 1950s that sent these pitchers out to the homes across America. As my moving man suggested, when we pack up our homes and move, we might just all agree to leave the glass pitcher in our cabinets, because it would save these pitchers criss-crossing the country in moving vans. It could be a new signature of the American home, a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, and a ice tea pitcher in every cabinet.
But this summer the little pitcher is requiring two trips back to the faucet to complete the watering job, so I'm shopping for a new watering can. Sure, Lowe's had the basic green plastic job, but ... blaaaah.
Proving once again that it may be one of my best friends, the internet has served up a number of choices.
1. Elephant watering cans from These fellas are just so adorables. But maybe not addressing the problem of the multiple trips to the faucet. Only $12 though. And they also sell the Snoopy Sno-Cone machine Mom would never let us have. It'd make our decktop entertaining complete!! (Amazon has a neato, more true-to-life elephant option too. Shockingly, it's $34!)
2. A British gardening website expands the literal menagerie of choices to cats, rabbits, and even a pig. Those darn Brits love their gardens.
3. Of course, OXO has to make everything in our lives super-grippy. Their entry for watering can is a little weird looking, and I don't know how much it matters that my watering can is ergonomic. Their corn holders are pretty awesome though, and I recommend them.
4. The classic galvanized steel watering can. I like this one a lot. It might be our winner. Its sheen matches that super-shiny grill we just got too, which was referred to by our Memorial Day guests alternately as R2D2 and a space ship.
The glass pitcher may be able to return to its civic duties as an ice tea server.


Andra Sue said...

I like your choice, but have you seen this ( from Smith & Hawken? I totally want one to brighten up my patio. :-)


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