Today I received one of my poem-a-day e-mails (although Knopf only usually delivers them to my in box during National Poetry Month, so I was a little surprised.) But pleasantly so, when I discovered the poem's subject: peonies!

Pink and White (by Deborah Garrison)

Peonies are the only flower I care for
and when I saw them from the window
yesterday, tumbled and heavy along
a fence, fully exploded, nodding
at the ground, hanging their heads but not
yet spoiled, I remembered
a summer (maybe seven years
ago, or was it ten?) I wasn't sure
our love would come again,
and here I am, almost

kissing the grass like that,
bursting and rich, cracked
all over like broken cake—
makes you cry but still sweet.


Andra Sue said...

How appropos! Things like that make me think the universe is looking out for us. :)

Claire said...

Jason calls these "Jesus moments" (no intention to offend any religious readers) but there are just those times when he feels he demonstrates an prescience that is god-like. I call them coincidences. ;)


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