Where's my warm cookie?

Business travel again this week, in an undisclosed city in the South -- since I did realize as the plane landed that I do know someone here. I guess there are a lot of other travelers here since finding a hotel room was harder than usual.
So much business travel has made me a discerning hotel guest... or snob.
We started our stay last night at a Residence Inn, one of those places that are meant for longer term visits where there's an old refrigerator and little electric oven in the corner of the room. I felt like I was at summer camp after locating our cabin on the edge of the wooded property. It was the kind of place that's a little creepy by yourself at night, on a first floor room, with windows that are just a menacing psycho killer's reach from the dark forest...with a lock that doesn't feel like it's entirely secure.
When we heard yesterday afternoon that rooms were available in the Doubletree we immediately shuffled through our files and papers to read the cancellation policy on the Residence Inn. Just one night there and then we could leave without penalty. My coworker politely informed the front desk that we wished to "abbreviate our stay."
Today I happily accepted the warm chocolate chip walnut cookie that Doubletree gives you at check in. Now I have wireless internet! I have bottled water in my room! (*only* $4?) I even have a pillow that's embroidered with the wish for "Sweet Dreams." Ok, that's a little marketing scheme to sell me bedding, but whatever it's so much better.
Ironically, I'm traveling for market research with a moderator who's also done a lot of work in the non-healthcare realm. From working with one hotel chain and interviewing consumers, they learned that when men walk into a hotel room they most often first check the tv, the thermostat and other technology. Women check the towels and the sheets. I think Doubletree gets it.
While we're at it, I'll also put in my vote for the Hampton Inn, they've come a long way in the last few years: wireless internet and little lap desks so you can work from bed while watching tv!

Warm Cookie Update: As I waited for the elevator to arrive on my floor and take me out for our evening appointment I noticed a small framed notice on the wall. It informed me that the elevators are being modernized and therefore only one was operational. There might be some delays, so I should feel welcome to pick up an extra warm cookie from the desk on the way out, for my inconvenience.


Andra Sue said...

All hotels should be required to provide cookies, or at the very least, chocolate! My latest hotel rant? I'm pretty sure I left a book (that I wasn't finished reading) at the Huntley in Santa Monica when I was there last. You'd think for $400 a night they would have the courtesy to call and offer to mail it back to you. No such luck. Grrrrr.

Jean Therapy said...

I stayed at this swanky little hotel in New York and let me tell you, the first time the sweet little maid knocked on the door and hand delivered two warm chocolate chip cookies to me, I about asked her to marry me.

It was so swanky it had one of those european toilets as well as a regular one but no bathtub? I was a little bummed but the cookie more than made up for it!


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