Our National Sales Director can't make it, and I was next on the list, so with that sudden ease I am ready to set foot on my seventh continent. Next month, I go to Australia. But I'm not truly ready. I still need to book my flight, and figure out how long I wish to stay. And what is there to do in Sydney, anyway? (Besides the Opera House, of course.) I'm told the flight takes 22 hours. *Ugh* And I will still have to work for a few days once I get there.
But I imagine I'll feel mightily fulfilled once I arrive, to have seen another part of the world that's so far away.


Jean Therapy said...

Girl, Sydney is suppose to be hella cool!! You'll have a great time. I'm told the food is amazing and the gay scene is kick ass...um, well maybe focus on the former item not the latter.

Andra Sue said...

That is SOOOOO cool. And I am now very jealous of your job. Make sure to take lots of pictures of cute, fuzzy, Australian animals to share with us. :D

abby said...

Sounds like fun!


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