Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.
- Henry David Thoreau

Instead of my daily horoscope, my google home page serves up a quote of the day. This morning's quote was keenly pertninent to someone who has just kicked wedding planning into gear. And done so by just ordering cute gear for her beach wedding/honeymoon.
Not to forget I will need the wedding dress, ...and Jason needs a suit.
But the little beach cover up I found at Eddie Bauer looks so darn cute, that it's hard to believe that needing new clothes is a danger sign.

What does Henry David Thoreau know anyway? We're going forward!
I felt the better quote to focus on during wedding planning might be:

The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.
- Nicholas Butler

Who knows who Nicholas Butler is, but he sounds smart. With all the bridal magazines that tell me this will be the most important day of my life and the dress has to be THE ONE, I kind of what to reply, "Really?" Aren't we setting ourselves up for disappointment here? It will be a beautiful day, a special day, a memorable day. But the MOST IMPORTANT in my entire life? Seems like that's the influence of traditional Susie Homemaker values, when the life goal of women was marriage, not school or career. I found the one guy, let's try to relax about the rest.
There's something I find pleasing about our wedding day being just any weekday, without much ceremony. Maybe it's that Quaker schooling that rubbed off on me, believing that everyday is a special day. Formal ceremony and a qualified officiant aren't needed to find your enlightenment. Shouldn't all the days after your wedding day be the special days? That's what it seems more productive to focus our attentions to.
And if I need a reminder: new season of Bridezillas just started. It's horrifying. Sundays @ 10/9c.


Andra Sue said...

I say just get married in that cute little beach coverup. It's white after all; plus, you already ordered it. What more do you need for an island wedding???

Jean Therapy said...

I freakin' love Bridezillas! It's so outside my realm of reality and hopefully, outside the realm of reality for most people including brides.

I second the vote for getting married in the beach cover up, very cute!


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