"The First Bad Thing You Did That Felt Good"

NPR is doing a little series that has been creating "Driveway Moments" for me: Vocal Impressions. Essentially, they play a clip of a famous voice and ask listeners to write in with their best description of what that voice evokes. This exercise seems to be a clever game for radio listeners, encouraging us to think about what we appreciate in the sensual experience of listening in greater detail... and maybe making a donation to our local public radio station???

Mick Jagger: "the sound of the first bad thing you ever did that felt good" or "a great date with the wrong guy"

Barry White: "Sun-warmed cat fur"

The one that got me emotional in the car the other day was Luciano Pavarotti. I felt awe-inspired, heart-broken, and dissapointed that I was pulling into the alleyway towards our parking spot when the story wasn't even finished yet.
After listening to a excerpt of his operatic singing it made sense to hear Luciano's voice described as:
"Humanity taking a victory lap"

"All the magnificent architecture that has yet to be built"

And finally:
"The sound of your heart when you suffer a tremendous personal loss and you're asked, 'How do you feel?'"

I recommend clicking over to the NPR site and listening to a few clips yourself. Here's Sean Connery and Bob Dylan. NPR is currently asking for opinions on Phyllis Diller, Celine Dion, Bobby Short and Elvis Presley. And of course, they're always asking for that donation.



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