Please Do Not Cuddle the Koalas

In doing a little research for my upcoming trip tonight, I discovered the following: "Passengers are not permitted to hold Koalas by New South Wales law, but they may touch and pat the animal." Ack! No holding koalas!!?!!? Is this trip even worthwhile??!
I jest, but it seems like everyone who's gone to Australia has a goofy photo of themselves holding a little snuggly koala bear. I don't even know these people but their Flickr photostreams offer documentary evidence that in other places in Australia, people can cuddle the koalas.
Maybe the only koala looking for a snuggle from me in Australia might be this little fellow.

At least it makes my shopping around for an excursion easier, since I was scouring the web for a trip that allowed for koala holding. Now that I know they're all the same I might sign up for afternoon champagne with the kangaroos. I don't think you're allowed to climb into their pouches though.


Andra Sue said...

Heresy, I say!!! What good are koalas, if not for snuggling? My first beloved stuffed animal as a child was a koala bear...ever since then...siiiiiigh. I will be ever so jealous if you come back with one of those koala-holding photos posted to Flickr!

Jean Therapy said...

Hahahah, I want to see you on Flickr holding a koala. Actually, I'd paid money for a copy of such a photo!

james wells said...

According to knowledgeable sources close to me, whether or not you can hold koalas is set by state law. Unfortunately New South Whales does not allow it. Queensland does, and the photo of the woman on your blog was taken in Cairns (yes my source actually recognized the backdrop, or at least claims she does). My source goes on to tell some incredibly confusing story about what they do in New South Whales, which is to have the koala hold a small koala doll, which you then hold, giving the illusion that you're holding a koala? I have no idea what she's talking about, but Jean Therapy may yet get that photo she's looking for.

Jean Therapy said...


james wells said...

Hi Leah


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