iz me and mah sister!!!!

When Juliet and I were little we were thick as thieves, as two sisters 18 months apart, who spent at least a few years living abroad where the only friend you had was her, will be. I'd see a picture of a twosome of anything, point to it and say, "That's me and Juliet." Picking out a postcard to send to Grandma from our family vacation in the mountains, I'd reach on my tippy toes for the one with two raccoons poking their heads out of a hollow tree. I'd carefully write in my best cursive, "Dear Grandma, Here are me and Juliet hanging out in the Adirondacks!"

What's funny is that even now whenever I see an adorable twosome of anything, a little voice in my head persistently makes gleeful note, "That's me and Juliet!"

It's like the most obvious thing. Or not, as I realized when I was looking over Jason's shoulder one night as he showed me the meme cat website* and I saw these two little kittens. "Oooo," I cooed, "that's me and Juliet." I then giggled nervously, quickly realizing that maybe he hadn't spent his entire childhood playing the "me and Juliet picture game."

"That's me and Juliet sleeping."

"That's me and Juliet helping out in the garden"

"That's me and Juliet trying to call Santa long distance to the North Pole to tell him what we want for Christmas. On hold with the elves AGAIN!"

*The meme cat site is a really hilarious visit if you'd like to do nothing on a Friday afternoon. It will introduce you to an entire internet language of inside jokes (the LOL cat phenomenon), that, like the "me and Juliet picture game" no one else around you might get, but you'll find amusing. (I almost tried a "Im in ur staff meeting..." joke the other day at work, but quickly thought better of it.) I really do most enjoy the kitty pidgin language though (example below):

Hours of my life have already been lost to the vortex of cute kitties. Enter with caution!!! But then don't miss the "Next -->" link at the bottom of the page. So many kitties.



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